Samenwerking Stedenband met Twee Stedenziekenhuis Same District Hospital

Foundation “Maria voor Anderen” from TweeSteden Hospital  in Tilburg, strives for cooperation with institutions in health care who receive insufficient support  through regular way. It concerns projects in Tanzania, Poland and Ukraine.

In May 2000 the foundation received a project proposal from the catholic diocese of Same in collaboration with Same distict council:  improving the quality of health services in Same District Hospital by renovation of the main hospital buildings.

The foundation accepted the proposal and in the following years the maternity, the MCH building and OPD were renovated. A new theatre was built and later followed the renovation of the male ward and improvement of the infrastructure of the surroundings: parking place and rain-water management.

In the mean time a canteen is realized by private enterprise and recently a new mortuary  is built ;paid by the council

So a lot of work is done already. The next phase consists of renovation of the female ward, construction of a new surgical ward, a new kitchen ,laundry and parking for hospital cars . The money is available through gifts by sponsors so it is important the activities will start very soon!

Beside the building activities the cooperation between SDH and MvA consists of a nursing exchange program and attempts to improve the quality of the medical care in the hospital with better equipment and courses for doctors and nurses.

We hope this visit will strengthen the aims of our cooperation